Thursday, October 31, 2013

NEW YARN Mille Colori Baby

Recently landed is a very underestimated new yarn, Lang's Mille Colori Baby. Unlike the other yarns in Lang's Mille Colori series, it is 100% merino wool, without any synthetics like it's predecessors. This incarnation is also machine washable! It is a fingering weight (skinny), and soft. 1 ball is enough to make a hat, mitts or gloves. 2 balls are good for socks or a newborn sweater, 4 skeins will do it for a scarf. 

We threw it on our knitting machine (equivalent of 5mm to 6mm-ish) and found that the yarn blooms and has a really interesting wave, it created a gorgeous texture just in stocking stitch. 100% merino wool
  • machine washable
  • 50g/190m
  • self striping
  • 3 to 3.5mm needles
  • Machine wash, lay flat to dry
  • Made in Italy
  • $12.97

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NEW Cascade 128 Superwash Heathers & Multis

Cascade 128 Superwash + Multis
Another (see Cascade Magnum Paints) exciting addition to the Cascade Yarns has arrived - Cascade 128 is now available in heathered colours and multi-colours! This has always been a great yarn, but the colours were not. I am especially partial to the new heathered colours (I jumped on them immediately) which are a continuation of Cascade's established palette. The multis will be fun for kids and anyone who enjoys colour. 

Cascade 128 Superwash is a super soft, 100% Merino wool that has been treated to be machine washable. It's soft and comfortable enough for babies, kids, men, and people with sensitive skin - plus it can go in the machine, so they won't be able to wreck your hard work. It is a chunky weight yarn and knits up on a 5.5mm to 6mm needle, which is always nice, especially for gift knitting. 

  • 100% Merino wool
  • 100g/117m (128 yds)
  • 5.5mm to 6mm needles
  • machine washable
  • Heathers + Solids $14.97, Multis $16.97

Salem Hooded Jacket
  • 8 to 11 skeins Cascade 128 Superwash 
  • 6mm needles (see pattern for details)
  • pattern from New England Knits, published by Interweave, available for purchase in Canada Online (or we can order you one)
  • if you live in Toronto, it is also available as an ebook through the Toronto Public Library

  • 8 to 15 skeins Cascade 128 Superwash 
  • 5.5mm + 6mm needles (see pattern for details)
  • pattern from Metropolitan Knits, published by Interweave, available for purchase in Canada Online (or we can order you one)
  • if you live in Toronto, it is also available through the Toronto Public Library

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cascade Magnum-Spirations

Cascade Magnum

Cascade Magnum is a classic we truly love, and we know if you haven't already tried it that you'll love it too. It's a fluffy, soft, single ply, Super Bulky Peruvian wool. It knits up on a 12mm to 15mm needle and comes in a great big hank that makes a whole scarf/cowl. We also carry multi-coloured Cascade Magnum Paints for $32.47.
  • 100% Peruvian wool
  • Super Bulky - 12mm to 15mm needles
  • 1 skein is enough to make 1 scarf or 2 hats
  • see project ideas on Ravelry HERE
  • $24.97 per skein

All of the following patterns will look great knit up with Cascade Magnum ....


Snowy Day Cowl

Softwaves Magnum Cowl

Magnum Reversible Wrap

Shopping Tunic

Monday, October 28, 2013

New Yarn: Cascade Magnum Paints

Cascade Magnum Paints

Cascade has finally come through and is making it's fab super bulky yarn Magnum in multi-colours! It's the same fluffy, soft, single ply Peruvian wool you love - but in colours! We also still carry Cascade Magnum for $24.97.
  • 100% Peruvian wool
  • Super Bulky - 12mm to 15mm needles
  • 1 skein is enough to make 1 scarf or 2 hats
  • see project ideas on Ravelry HERE
  • yarn details on Ravelry HERE
  • $32.47 per skein

All of the following patterns will look great knit up with Cascade Magnum Paints .....

Bulky Mobius Cowl

Shopping Tunic

Uber Cowl

Weekend Pullover

Magnum Reversible Wrap

Friday, October 11, 2013

NEW YARN Juniper Moon Yearling

Juniper Moon Farm Yearling
I've been anticipating this yarn for a long while and I was not dissapponted - it's lovely! Juniper Moon Farm Yearling is a really soft, really pretty blend of wool and cotton. It's so soft, you can use it for just about anything and anyone: babies, kids, men, women, pets with alopecia, aliens, you name it. It's a 2ply, bulky weight yarn, most of the colours have a lightly heathered look which gives it depth, and there's a faint tweedy texture on the surface which creates some textural interest. 

Juniper Moon Farm started out as a yarn CSA, an actual farm with sheep, goats, pigs, cows, chickens, ducks and bees (they also seem to have published an interesting free digital magazine By Hand). Check out their website and you'll see how cool their are. 

  • 60% merino wool, 40% cotton
  • 100g/100m
  • 6.5mm
  • 14 sts + 18 rows = 4"/10cm
  • hand wash, lay flat to dry
  • made in Argentina
  • $17.97

Thanksgiving Hours

'Sexy Turkey' Headdress by Angelina Catirina

We will be closed on Monday October 14th for Thanksgiving. Our Yarn Swap is Sunday October 13th from 1 to 4pm. 

Thanksgiving Hours
Saturday Oct 12 ..... 11am to 6pm
Sunday Oct 13 ....... 12pm to 5pm
Monday Oct 14 ....... Closed

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

NEW Ultra Alpaca Light

Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light
This yarn is one of my all time favourites. I feel that hyperbole and exclamation marks would diminish my sincerity, I really adore it. It looks normal, but it's not, when it's knit up it has a remarkable, stretchy quality and an incredible memory. It also doesn't drape like most other alpacas, it stands up and holds it's shape like a brand new pair of boobs. I like it for accessories, but swear by it for sweaters - especially anything fitted or with little or no ease. The texture is slightly fuzzy, it doesn't pill as much as other yarns, and when it does it isn't extremely noticeable and it's really easy to remove. All of the above makes for a very wearable garment, which I like if I'm putting the time & energy into making one by hand. I made a turtleneck with it last winter, wore the hell out of it, and I've been planning on making a Wulfenite with it this fall/winter. 
  • 50% super fine alpaca, 50% peruvian wool
  • 50g/133m
  • 3.75mm needles
  • 23 sts & 32 rows = 4"/10cm
  • made in Peru
  • see the colours HERE
  • see more patterns from Berroco using this yarn HERE
  • $7.97/skein

Autumnal Cardigan


Larch Cardigan

  • 9 to 14 skeins Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light
  • 4mm needles (see pattern for details & check your needles)
  • pattern available as a download for $5.95 HERE
  • picture by AshleyTree
  • note: this pattern looks like it is designed to fit loose

From Norway with Love

Some Cloudy Day

  • 1 skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in each colour
  • 3.25mm or 3.5mm or 3.75mm double pointed needles
  • pattern available as a download for $5.95 HERE

Susie's Reading Mitts

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

NEW Schoppel Pur


Schoppel Pur
Schoppel Pur is another cool semi-felted yarn like Schoppel Alpaka Queen (in fact the two work well together). It's a single ply, with a marvelous, felted texture and no twist. It is also self striping, which is always fun. 

  • 100% merino wool
  • 100g/150m
  • 12 sts & 19 rows = 4"/10cm
  • 6mm to 7mm needles
  • see colours HERE
  • soft, single ply, semi-felted, self striping
  • made in Germany
  • $24.97/skein

    • FREE Pattern (pattern instructions on pgs 21, 30 + 31. Reading the pattern is a little confusing, basically you do the following: Use Mobius Cast-on technique, cast-on 100 sts, turn to pg. 31 and follow instructions "K" (the stitch pattern), and "L" (the cast-off). 
    • 2 skeins Schoppel Pur
    • 6mm-47" circular needles

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