Sunday, June 29, 2014

July 1st

I'm sorry I have been remiss in my communication lately, I have been working very hard to get our stock into our new Online Store and Point of Sale System (a fancy cash register which is integrated with the online store).  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to update the blog or facebook page with fun projects for you, but once I'm done with the data entry I promise I'll get back to it.

Closed Canada Day

1. We will be closed on Tuesday July 1st for Canada Day, but we are open as usual on Monday, 11am to 6pm.

Anti-Spam Law

2. A new Anti-Spam law (CASL) will be going into effect on July 1st. I would like to ensure that we have your express consent to continue receiving updates and insights about our Knitting, Crochet and Needle Felting related products, services, events, and special promotions. We will not spam you or sell your e-mail address. Our newsletters are generally sent out monthly, and sometimes more frequently if we need to communicate important news (like a sale, party, change in class schedule, or to correct a mistake). 

So if you wish to continue to receive our e-mails you need to re-subscribe to our list: Subscribe

One you are subscribed please add us to your e-mail address book and/or your Gmail Primary Tab (it’ll keep us from getting lost in your inbox).

If you do not want to receive our newsletter you don't have to do anything, it's already taken care of. 

We have been contacting our clients regarding these changes since mid-June. If you have already received an e-mail and re-subscribed you don't need to do anything.

Thanks for your time and continued support!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Ride for Heart & Stroke

I did it! I got up at 5am and rode 50km - in one shot, no less (including a pit stop and a selfie-shoot).  My last minute Ride for Heart was super fun, and with so many people passing me it was a nice throwback to Junior High. Next year I'll train over the winter and maybe be able to keep up with the guy on the rusted out old bike that made clanking sounds as it shot past me. The fast riders with the fancy bikes were cool, but the true inspirations were the regular people cranking along on their old Canadian Tire specials. There were also a good number of kids riding with their families - my favourite was what looked like a 5 or 6 year old on her first little pink 2 wheel bike, kited up with pink streamers and all. 

Riding up the Don Valley Parkway (local highway) was quite the experience! Bike riding is normally a solitary pursuit for me and I have to be super alert for cars. Riding up the highway was a delicious experience (most of it was paved nicely), and there were so many people there, all enthusiastic! 

If you already donated, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Your donations were generous, and I really appreciate your support (for me and the charity) and never expected so much! If you didn't see my first impassioned plea, or you haven't gotten around to it, it's not too late to donate. And if you don't have the cash, that's ok too, I just wanted to update you on how the day went. 

When I set out this morning, I thought mayyyyyybe I should have signed up for the 25K route. But 50K was a nice accomplishment and wasn't really all that difficult (although I did envy the people on their light little road bikes).  Next year, if I can get my hands on a road bike, maybe I'll be a masochist and do the 75k route? Want to join me? You can do the 25k and wait for me as I drag myself across the finish line. Anyway, I'll see how my bum feels about it tomorrow ....



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