Sunday, October 31, 2004

boobies ....

edited for slutty content .... not really, slutty is cool. crochet flowers & boobies from Mondial's "idee & Filati" book # 27. chrochet flowers as pasties ... what a crafty idea! Posted by Hello

beanie & cool scarf - tuttle style

Cornelia tuttle does it again fom her first book for Noro. the scarf is actually really doinin' sometthing for me ... wouldn't it be great as a shawl?Posted by Hello

it's like a fur tiramisu!

from the design studio of Dolce & Gabbana, a hat from Needful yarns Book # 300 Posted by Hello

parade of kooky hat patterns continues ...

Teva Durham's groovy crochet aviator Posted by Hello

don't forget to move your clocks back!

today is my favorite day all year - the day i get to sleep in and wake up tto an extra hour! daylight savings time should be a holiday. ;-)

Saturday, October 30, 2004

ski bunny bound

from the same book as the penis hat, a condom wrap! a gator gone cephallic from Lang's accessories book. Posted by Hello

genetalia rowan style

rowan's penis hat, from this fall's "Big just got Bigger". having deja-vu. Posted by Hello

groovy baby!

from this fall's Austermaqnn magazine #27 - stylin! Posted by Hello

crazy cables! from Teva Durham

cable-rific! how does she do that? she's so talented! Posted by Hello

castle crenellation from lionbrand - free pattern!

Ahhhh, another Lionbrand freebie! look under "knit-it patterns"Posted by Hello

lionbrand - master of kookiness!

another inspired lionbrand creation: from KNIT IT 2004 Posted by Hello

helmet head?

ooooh, gives new dimension to the term helmet head! from Gedifra's Highlights book # 22 Posted by Hello

Penis hat-o-rama!

hmmmm, another penis hat from this fall's LANG Acessories booklet. didn't i just see this in Gedifra from years past? Posted by Hello

Ribbed for everyone's pleasure!

vogue knitting fall 1994 pointy head Posted by Hello

Friday, October 29, 2004

its a Manos triple threat! a very kooky jester hat. keep it up Judith, you rock! how about a viking helmet hat with horns? Posted by Hello

also in Manos from the same book, a renaissance inspired hat. everyone will be callin' ya Cosimo de Medici! Posted by Hello

From Manos del Uruguay's booklet "Design Source Collection 5: Ensembles" by Judith Shangold, a very kooky sherpa deallie. Posted by Hello

it' hard to see in the picture, but the hat is pointy, kinds elfen meets smurf. definitely kook. again from Rebecca # 28.Posted by Hello

a kinda kooky hat from the New Rebecca Magazine: kinda pin headed, with built in ear protection. very cone heads! Posted by Hello

International Very Good Looking Damn Smart Woman's Da

"Yesterday was International Very Good Looking Damn Smart Woman's Day, so please send this message to someone you think fits this description. Please do not send it back to me as I have already received it from a Very Good Looking Damn Smart Woman " ;-)

Penis hat from Gedifra!

more hats with personality from gedifra's 'moments' booklet! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 28, 2004

more kooky hats. this one's from the Gedifra 'Moments' pattern booklet. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

this definitely needs to be added to the gallery of kooky hats. from the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Noro Book # 2 (knit in Iro) Posted by Hello

My next hat will be a free pattern

i'm in a kooky hat kind of mood. i tried to buy a pattern online but the vendor was very mean to me. mean people suck. so my next hat will be this very groovy free hat. i'll hat it up in a multicoloured yarn, maybe a kureyon, silkgarden or cherry tree hill. Posted by Hello

Substitution Suggestions for Marilyn

Substitution options for Marilyn (prices for smallest size, requiring 675 m of yarn):

*Twilley's Freedom Wool, 50m/$5.50, 100% wool; 14 balls = $77
good quality, very soft, light and fluffy, rowanesque.

Rowan cork (110m/$18); 7 balls = $126
high end rowan quality, good colour selection

Naturally "Naturelle chunky 14 ply" (120m/$8); 6 balls = $48
a quality plain yarn, sheepy but clean, can be dyed, 100% new zealand wool.

Naturally "Natural wool in hanks" (225m/$16) ; 3 = $48
a quality plain yarn, sheepy but clean, can be dyed, 100% new zealand wool.

Lang Tosca (92m/$8); 8 balls = $64
very soft & light wool/synthetic blend with a long colourway, comes in earthy colours

Lang Tahoma (74m/$13); 10 balls = $130
very soft & light merino/alpaca/synthetic blend, comes in earthy colours

Posted by Hello

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

SCARY - Petrochemical Poodle Poncho

hey, check out this thing i made last weekend! how's that to start off your Hallowe'ek? pretty SCARY, eh? let me tell you the whole SCARY story ... i had a perverse desire to knit with some halucious pink eyelash last week, and on saturday i gave in & made a poncho for Patia, the only 2 year old girl child i know well enough to escort on a date to the cadbury chocolate factory this hallowe'en. the thing feels like barbie hair and looks like a molested a flamingo - perfect for a 2 year old! she'll LURV it.

how to make your own eyelash abomination:
4 balls estelle shimmer in hot pink, 2 strands held together, 1 ball estelle shimmer in pale pink, knitted on 8mm/40cm circular needles - used the poncho pattern i posted previously on the site & crocheted a couple rows of double crochet around the neck for the collar. i think i cast on 32 sts with 2 strands held together, but i'm not sure, i'm repressing the memory.

i'd like to say that this is strong evidence that one should not play games with nature, but there isn't anything natural about this petro-chemical concoction, so i won't me able to make the frankenstein analogy. still, there is something very island of Dr. Moreau about it. I think it may be similar to Mr Burns from a Simpsons Hallowe'en special. Posted by Hello

Monday, October 25, 2004


hey peeps,
I LOVE receiving your comments and the interactive nature of the blog, but unfortunately I've had to disable the function on the site due to some very dark vibes that i don't think anyone needs to read (and hey, i don't want to be the purveyor of bad vibes, even if they're second hand). anyway, it's probably just the phase of the moon or the alignment of the planets or something and peace will reign on earth as soon as that passes. ;-) in the interim, feel free to e-mail me from your domain, i love hearing from you.

peace out! Haley

Friday, October 22, 2004


the new Twilley's Freedom Wool book has arrived - lots of lovely & simple patterns for Twilley's Freedom Wool (red not shown). Just like their Freedom Cotton and Freedom Denim, their wool is very Rowanesque at a very un-rowan price - $5.50 a ball (50g/50m, 8 to 10mm needles).

in other news ...

a preview of Interweave Knitting's winter issue

a new Lopi book is coming out, something i never thought i'd be excited about , but i saw the preview and the patterns are AMAZING! They had a gorgeous coat, handbags, and a totally cool poncho that was very retro and very hip while still maintaining it's very icelandic style.Posted by Hello

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