Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vintage 'Marbella' Plastic Purse Handles

- (not bakelite), circa early 1970s?
- brand new, never used
- 'marbella' inscribed in each handle (excpet D-Shaped)
- great for knitting, crochet, sewing, felting.

Large Circular $10
- dimensions: 8" diameter (20.5cm)
- 1/2 inch thick (1.25cm)

Small Circular $8
- dimensions: 6" diameter (15.5cm)
- 1/2 inch thick (1.25cm)

Large Square $7
- dimensions 7" x 7" (18cm x 18cm)
- 1/2 inch thick (1.25cm)

Large D-Shaped $13
- outside dimensions: 11" wide at base, approx 4" wide at top, 8.5" tall
- interior dimensions: 7.5" wide at base, 6" tall
- slot dimensions: 9" long and less than 3/8" high (1cm)
- 1.5/8" (5mm) thick

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knit-O-Matic will be closing early on Thursday February 14th for Valentines day. Red and Pink chocolates will be in abundance on Friday February the 15th. We apologize for any inconvenience!
Boot Camp For Socks!

JOIN THE SOCK CRAZE! February 9 - 20

TORONTO, ONTARIO—“Socks are definitely the hottest trend in knitting,” says Haley Waxberg, owner of Toronto’s local yarn shop, Knit-O-Matic. “And, with the cool new yarns from SWTC, we can make them from renewable resources like soy and even recycled shrimp and crab shells!”

To encourage local yarn enthusiasts to “enlist” in the sock knitting craze, Knit-O-Matic is hosting a Boot Camp for Socks event from February 9th to 20th. This event will offer “basic training” in sock knitting and feature SWTC’s Earth-friendly sock yarn, TOFUtsies.

A runaway hit in the yarn industry this year, Earth-friendly TOFUtsies is a blend of superwash wool, SWTC’s trademarked SOYSILK® brand fiber, cotton and “chitin,” a fiber made from recycled shrimp and crab shells. The name TOFUtsies derives from SOYSILK’s production from the by-products of tofu manufacturing. The yarn can be machine washed and dried and comes in creative color combinations.

In addition, TOFUtsies is sold in balls just the right size for making a pair of socks. So, there’s no chance a knitter will run out and have to buy additional yarn from a different dye lot.

“Hand-knitting socks in funky patterns and colors is addictive!” says SWTC President Jonelle Raffino. “And, attending a SWTC Boot Camp event is the perfect way to get started on a fun project and learn about modern options for Earth-friendly knitting.”

Boot Camp for Socks will include

Sock Resources Online

New Spring 2008 Interweave Knits

The new Spring issue of Interweave Knits has arrived in store and is now available at the lovely U.S. price of $6.99. Unfortunately the free web exclusives don't seem to be available yet.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm Coveting .....
24 skeins of Fable Baby Alpaca in colour 10 (Marine) are crying to be a garment! They're on sale for 30% off, $7 a skein and there's more than enough to make a good sized garment for a good sized person. It's DK weight (22 sts per 4 inches) a Perfect sub for all those fabulous DK weight jo sharp patterns, especially the ones in alpaca! good yardage too, 130m per 50g skein.

a few ideas for what can be done with a whack of baby alpaca ...

from Jo Sharp "Knit" vol. 1

From Jo Sharp "Knit" Vol 1

From Jo Sharp "Knit" vol 3

From Jo Sharp "Knit" vol.5, vol.4

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I'm Coveting ....
Misti Baby Alpaca Chunky Hand Paint in Havasu ($25.50 and totally worth every penny!)

This one is just darn pretty & cheery. it will make transition into spring come sooner. turquoise always feels like spring to me.

Definitely great material for a hat ....

My very own Sunset Beret (Freebie)

but i'm also also seeing a cropped bolero with 3/4 sleeves (below).

Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'm Coveting ....

This is a new segment to the blog where I tell you about the stuff in the store that I'm presently smitten with. Yes, I have yarn crushes too! So here is an insight into the mind of a person who works all day with a back-drop of yarn. I don't have time to work with them now, I'm not going to take them off the shelf to hoard them, so I'll just covet them. ~ Haley

I've been coveting .....

Misti Alpaca Worsted, Hand Painted, 100% Baby Alpaca in colour EZ12 ($22 each)

I'm visualizing them as a very cozy, very soft, pair of socks (2 skeins for knee socks). I know they look like a strange rusty colour but i love the depth and variety and depth of of colour in this particular colourway: rust, cinnamon, mustard yellow, olive green and soft magenta and they all blend together because they are close in value. Misti really puts care into their coloured yarns, they aren't just hand dyed, they're hand painted. I'd probably use a 3.5mm for ribbed socks, 4mm for regular.

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