Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Yarn Swap & 1 day sale this SUNDAY

This Sunday Knitomatic will be hosting a yarn & needle swap, and in honour of this very fun event event we'll give you 25% off ALL regularly priced store merchandise (discount does not apply to merchandise that is already discounted).

By the way, if you've got some drek that is too emmbarrassing to show to other knitters, i'm always happy to pass it on to charity: needles go to needy inner-city kids who are learning how to knit, acrylic goes to baycrest geriatric hospital, bit's & bobs go to hillcrest school's grade 3 kniting club which is working on a blanket for project linus, quality wool goes to northern secondary School's knitting club that
knits scarves etc for toronto's homeless, and swatch squares go to project linus.

Winter Sale Update

Winter Sale Update!

40% off Naturally Luxury - $4.20

25% off Filtes King Extra Merino- $7.13

25% off Filtes King Extra Stampato Merino - $7.50

25% off Filtes King Super Merino - $13.50

25% off Grignasco Top Print - $8.25 100% alpaca & gorgeous!!

25% off ROWAN Chunky Print - $16.50
free capelet pattern

25% off ROWAN Plaid - $19.50
free mitten pattern

25% off ROWAN Big Wool - $18
free pattern

25% off ROWAN Biggy Print - $18
free hat pattern
free handwarmer pattern

25% off ELSBETH LAVOLD Silky Wool - $7.50
8 skeins of brown left

25% off DALE of NORWAY Sisik - $6

40% off CHERRY TREE HILL dyed Lamb's Pride Worsted & Chunky - $16.80

25% off DEBBIE BLISS Cashmerino Super Chunky - $15
free sweater pattern
free mitten pattern
free hat pattern
free anthropologie style hat pattern

25% off ROWAN Chunky Tweed - $13.50

25% off ROWAN Kid Soft - $13.50

30% off LANG Tahoma - $9.10

30% off NATURALLY Mohair Plus $7

25% off NATURALLY Sensation (merino & angora) (worsted) $10.50

25% off NATURALLY Merino & Fur (worsted) solids $10.50, mixed $15

30% off ESTELLE 100% Silk (worsted) $5.60
elegant free shawl/wrap pattern - takes 7 balls

30% off STOP Mohair $5.60

40% off SRK Fizz $4.80

40% off FFF Spark $7.20

check out our kits too!

Upcoming Workshops

besides the regular classes, here a re a couple of workshops i'm planning. please contact me at if you are interested.

Dye me up, dye me down
dyeing yarn the easy, non toxic way (kool-aid)
this workshop is open to kids & moms as well as other creative types

Sock it to me!
I get it, I've finally figured out the eternal question, why knit socks on those tiny little needles when you can buy a pair of black socks at walmart for a few bucks? because they feel coming in from the taboganing in the cold to a cup of hot chocolate and a roaring file AMAZING! So this class isn't just about how to make socks, it's about sharing that nummy feeling in the pit of your belly and speading contentment to the universe.
Here's how it'll work:
- skill level is advanced beginner. you don't have to know how to make socks, but you should have a bit of experience knitting.
- skills you should be familiar with: casting on, knit & purl stitches, knitting in a k2 p2 rib, following a pattern.
- skills you'll learn/don't need to be familiar with: working in the round with double pointed needles, picking up stitches, grafting stitches, working in short rows, slipping stitches, etc.
- the group will meet once a week for an hour (sat at 10am or sun at 12pm) for 4 weeks.
week 1: cast on in the round & knit the calf
week 2: make the heel & pick up the instep
week 3: graft the toe
week 4: catch up if we're behind, start sock number 2
- we'll all be working on the same basic sock pattern with sock yarn and the corresponding bamboo double pointed needles.
- you must make the socks for yourself. how else will you know the love?
- you must work with a coloured yarn. there are lots of yarns to choose from and they all do fun, funky patterning things all by themselves.
- the cost will be $40 + tax for the instruction, needles $9 +tax, yarn ranges from $14 to $16 +tax (or if you are feeling decadent you can opt for koigu merino for $39

New Vogue Knitting has arrived!

the new VK has arrived and is In store NOW! take a peek inside Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

new yarns: cascade fixation & 220 & quatro

new stuff arrived today!

- Cascade Fixation multi $8 ea
- Cascade Fixation solid $7 ea
- Cascade 220 $9 ea
- Cascade Quattro $11 ea

- manos del uruguay in new colours
FREE manos bolero jacket pattern
FREE manos hat pattern
FREE manos scarf pattern another FREE manos scarf pattern

- wool fleece for felting & thrumming

New Lopi Book 24

lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 16, 2005

i am knitting mittens from Rowan Plaid from this free pattern right now. they are for my brother's girlfriend, Katie, a belated x-mas gift. i'm not really a mitten knitter, the Plaid is making the process go faster and it's definitely a nice yarn to work with and mucho giftworthy. if they turn ouy nice maybe i'll make her a hat (there was a nice cabled pattern in the plaid book from rowan, you just have to go down a needle size to a 7mm, otherwise it's too big) and neckwarmer. well, maybe i'll skip the neckwarmer, too matchi-poo.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

knitters without borders

i doubt this'll be good for business but some things are more important. check it out, it's totally inspiring.

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what's goin' on

i haven't been posting much about what i'm making lately, bad me. this is my main project right now: a raglan pullover in Noro Cash Iroha (scored some at the distributor, beauty!) from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm in love with the book, this girl's got it goin' on! i've been carrying it around with me like a security blanket for the last few weeks. the store copies haven't arrived yet, the book is back ordered, but they'll get here eventually. :-)

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a belated wedding gift

i also still owe my friend rosa a wedding gift. i think this is IT. i know i've said that the afghan was 'it', and then the embroidered tea towels were 'it', but i suspect that this is really IT. i'll probably still have to embroider the tea towels for her husband steve, her really dug the sublime stitching skulls & mexicana. this shawl is also from the vogue knitting crochet scarf book.

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if i had some koigu

if i had a few skeins of koigu this is what i'd make from Vogue Knitting on the Go: Crocheted Scarves. Posted by Hello

new: debbie bliss aran tweed biker jacket kit coming... Posted by Hello

new: debbie bliss tweed jacket with picot edge kit coming .... Posted by Hello

new: debbie bliss aran tweed cardigan kit coming ... Posted by Hello

new debbie bliss tweed purse kit coming ...  Posted by Hello

Super 10 Tank pattern FREE

guess what I found ... a great FREE pattern for tank tops from fab distributor SR Kertzer in wonderful Super 10 cotton (machine washable)! Thank your Daryl! Posted by Hello

pillow kits available now! Posted by Hello

coming soon! purse kits! Posted by Hello

Shocking Yarn Gossip!!!!

I have it from word on high that Mission Falls is no longer making their 1824 cotton! Apparently they are having quality assurance problems with their mill and are discontinuing the product until this is resolved. My aplogies to all the customers i told that i would get it & also to my brother's girlfriend's father who wanted me to get it 'cause it's his fave. :-(

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I got a preview from the new Winter VK ..while I was at KOIGU yesterday! the new VK is lovely, featuring a pair of pants in Koigu KPPPM among other grooviness. I'll list the new Koigu colous a.s.a.p. :-)
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Society for the Propogation for Fibre Porn

these are the koigu pants, but here is the calendar of events for the SPFP
from Beryl (

Here is the calendar of events for the Society for the Propogation for Fibre

January 20 knitting and pedicures night from 6-9pm at spa-baby; Please let
me know if you are coming so I know how much food to bring but book the
service you wish to have with Lana at Spa-Baby, her website is

January 27th is the regular "Knit in the City" night at Bull Dog Coffee, 89
Granby Street (1 Block South of Carleton and half a block East of
Church). We are having Jamaican Food and I'll have lots of Crystal Palace
Yarn from the TNNA Trade Show for Show and Tell.

February 10th & 17 Lunar New Year with Chinese Dumplings and Felting
February in the Beach (I still need to confirm with Lorena at Naked Sheep
for February 10th but the 17th is a go!) BTW please visit the Naked Sheep in
the Beaches...she's fab.

February 24, regular "Knit in the City" night at Bull Dog. Suggestions for
food are most welcome. Techniques will focus on Cables with Heidi.

March 24, "March Break and Spring Fling" at Bull Dog. Technique will focus
on knitting/crocheting with slippery spring yarns.

March 31st is the regular "Knit in the City" night at Bull Dog Coffee.
Technique will focus on knitted bras.

April 28th is the regular "Knit in the City". Technique will focus on beaded

May 26th is the regular "Knit in the City" I am having a second mastectomy
in still on with a Cabana Party. My Gay husbands will be taking over though
none of them knit but they are good at Salsaing!

Good vibrations to all...


BTW: For newbies dinner usually runs between $7-10 and drinks (lattes,
liqueured coffees/teas and fancy soft drinks and martinis) can be purchased
from the Bull Dog Boys between $2-$5. Contributions of food especially
chocolate are gladly accepted in lieu of payment for dinner.

If all you wool, cotton and soy silk hussies prefer we make it potluck and
supplement with sushi, samosas or wraps solet me know.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Class Schedule

Beginner Knitting
Tuesday Jan 11 & 18, 6:30-8pm
Tuesday Feb 8 & 15, 6:30-8pm
Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm, 2 weeks (3 hours total) Contact the store to register
Learn to cast on stitches, knit, purl, cast off.
Total cost for class $45 (includes class kit: Filtes King "Kelly" and bamboo knitting needles)

Beginner Crochet & A Bit Beyond
Tues Jan 25 & Feb 1, 6:30-8pm
Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm, 2 weeks (3 hours total) Contact the store to register
Learn the foundation stitches of crochet, learn how to read a basic crochet pattern, change colours at the beginning and end of a row, and make a flat project, either a small pillow or purse.
Total cost for class $45 (includes class kit: Clover crochet hook, Twilley's Freedom Cotton )

Walk in Knitting Clinic
Wednesday nights from 6-9pm
come in, have a cup of tea, get a bit of help with your project or just hang around & learn from each other & enjoy the yarn!
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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Newsflash ...

just arrived today:

- River John birch needles: staight, double pointed & double pointed with
removeable stoppers.
all sets in all sizes only $10

- Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille: mostly the pale colours in this shipment
Colours in Stock:
1015 natural
1058 bleached
1208 pistachio
1219 bouginvilea
2214 bluebelle
5509 clear pink
6130 melon
6752 blush
6885 banana
7063 forgatmenot
7471 neutral
8133 sand

- more Crystal Palace Squiggle: the shades are much softer than on the shade-sample and the yarn is soooo soft!
Colours in stock:
shell mix
scuba dive

- more Crystal Palace Merino Frappe: it's heaven-sent!
the colours are off on their shade card again 'cause they are FABULOUS in plain view!
Colours in stock:
new sorbet
new sage
cherry pie

mmmm ..... pie ..... ;-)
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

SALE - Rowan Biggy Print Jacket Kits - 15% off

SALE Rowan Biggy Print Jacket Kits - $205 (15% off)

Kit includes:
- 10 skeins of Rowan Biggy Print (enough to fit size XL/49" finished bust)
- Jacket Pattern

Colours Available:
Pale Brown mix (244 glum)
Blue/Grey Mix (240 dull)
Fuschia (237 tickle)
Pastel Pink Mix (239 giddy)
Darker Pink Mix (size L only) (246 razzle dazzle)
Green mix (245 troll)
Olive Green (235 slippery)

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SALE Rowan Chunky Print Jacket kit - 15% off

Rowan Chunky Print Jacket Kit - $130 (15% off)

Kit Includes
- 7 skeins Rowan Chunky Print (enough to fit size XL/42" finished bust)
- Jacket Pattern

Colours Available
dark grey (073 temper)
eggplant (074 tart)
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