Friday, November 30, 2007

Noni Felted Bag & Flower Patterns

Noni Felted Grocery Bag/Tote ~ $10

Noni Satchel Adventure Felted Bag ~ $10
Noni Felted Roses ~ $10

Noni Felted Fuchsias ~ $7

Noni Felted Peonies ~ $7

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Clearance 50% off
Knitting & Crochet Magazines, Pattern Books and Patterns

We need more room but we'd rather knit than move stuff around, so we're clearing out some magazines, patterns books and loose leaf patterns! Pick up the patterns now and come spring you'll have lots of sources of inspiration!

Noro Books $15

Vogue Knitting $4

Interweave Knits $4

Knitscene $5

Interweave Crochet $5

Rebecca Magazine $7

Crochet Today $2

Knit Simple


.... there are many, many more titles on sale, and we'll be adding them to the list as we go!

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