Saturday, February 26, 2005

SALE 30% off Soft Merino Sweater Kits $98

New Kit! Knit in the round Raglan Turtleneck 30% off, $98 ($140 prints)

People Keep asking for cozy, simple sweaters - ask and ye shall receive! Kit includes 10 skeins of Naturally Merino & Fur - a soft (no itchies), warm, basic (single ply) yarn from New Zealand that knits up with a matte finish and subtle colour variation & depth.

This kit is great for new knitters because it is knit in the round - no sewing up at the end, simple shaping and it will look great on everyone. so you say spring will be upon us soon: well, FYI, you can knit comfortably with wool until at least the end of May and you'll definitely be thanking me next fall & winter when you're snuggling in style in this little number. :-)
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Naturally Merino & Fur: (olive not available), red, black, grape & claret. Posted by Hello

Naturally Merino & Fur: maroon, turquoise, navy, natural (cobalt not available) Posted by Hello

naturally merino & fur print: greens & yellows, blues & orange, purples & pinks & grey. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 25, 2005

Deals Deals Deals Deals Deals Deals

40% off yarns on the shelf*

- Dale Sisik, reg $8/now $4.80

- Dale Baby Ull, reg $9/now $5.40 SOFT BABY WOOL

- Estelle 100% Silk, reg $8/now $4.80 TUSSAH SILK

- Filatura di Crosa Zara, reg $8.50/now $5.10

- Gedifra Gigante, reg $11/now $6.60 SLUBBY

- Gedifra Cortina, reg $10/now $6 ALPACA

- Naturally Merino & Fur, reg $14/now $8.40

- Naturally Sensation (merino & angora), reg $14/now $8.40 SOFT!

- Naturally Merino & Fur colours, reg $20/now $12

- Naturally Mohair Plus, reg $10/now $6

- Naturally Luxury, reg $7/now $4.20

- Needful Modigliani, reg $11/now $6.60

- Needful Van Dyck, reg $14/now $8.40

- Needful Keope, reg $12.50/now $7.50 SOFT!

- Novita Kid Mohair, reg &7 (discounted)/now $4.20

- Sublime Mohair, reg $8/now $4.80

* does not apply to yarns in kits

Stitch n Bitch Nation Poncho Kits SALE

Stitch n Bitch Nation
poncho kits - on sale starting from $48 in an assortment of luxe yarns! (pattern not included since you've already got the book!)

Colours Available:

Stahl Wonderwool $48
sedate teal

Luxury Carioca (alpaca) 25% off, $49
bright teal
olive green

Stahl College 40% off , $63
caramel/cream mix

Lang Tahoma 40% off, $63
burnt orange
chocolate brown
charcoal grey
medium grey
olive green

Needful Van Dyck 25% off, $63
pale blue
light mustard yellow

Twilley's Freedom Wool, $66

Naturally Colourworks (textured) 40% off, $66
sea blue/green mix

Versatile (textured) 40% off, $77
purple mix
green mix

caramel mix
sapphire mix

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did it, it be done. Black Forest Naturewolle. it's TOTALLY worth it! Posted by Hello

The februsary blahs have finally hit me and the thing that makes me happiest is this pattern by Stitch Diva, a bunch of creative crochet flowers that just make me happy. that girl is soooo good! LURV stitch diva! Posted by Hello

Stitch Diva knit capelet pattern is here! it is so beautiful, so vintage Yves St. Laurent, and uses a worsed weight yarn.  Posted by Hello

another new pattern from Kertzer for felted slippers Posted by Hello

A new pattern from Kertzer, a cute little spring/fall capelet made to be knit in Lopi. you can keep making this one over & over in different yarns. make it rustic in a wool or make it fancy in a railraod yarn like Eros.  Posted by Hello

Wedding, Barmitzvah etc. season is approaching fast and assorted WRAP KITS are ready as a grab & go (fast & dirty) project. This one is a wrap in SRK Ranee, but there are also Needful kits in pretty tins.  Posted by Hello

Kids Flower Hat Pattern - timeless, seasonless, CUTEST! Posted by Hello

New Book in: Sheep to Shawl, goegeous shawls by Philosophers wool (kits can be ordered) Posted by Hello

NEW Lopi Book # 24 is in & STYLIN'

some patterns from Lopi book 24 - there are a few traditional icelandic patterns for the diehard lopi knitter, but this book is STYLIN! you'll never look at lopi the same way again. :-)

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lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

loppi book 24 Posted by Hello

lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

new lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

new lopi book 24 Posted by Hello

new lopi book Posted by Hello

new lopi book Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

SPUN: free patterns

i am soooooo bad, a bad, bad girl, this photo does not belong to me and using it on my blog without asking for permission first is strictly against the law. don't try this at home kids. Above is featured Editor in chief of SPUN Magazine, Mary Margaret Jones, wearing a merino scarf designed by moi.

I've been negligent, i haven't flogged SPUN yet, what's wrong with me. just fatigued i guess. still, shame on me! So what is SPUN? the best way to describe SPUN is as a new online lifestyle magazine for knitters & other crafty types.

so there you go, free patterns, a bit of reading, it's all good.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Sock Class/Group starts Next week!

Sunday March 6, 13, 20 & 27th 11:30am to 12:30pm (1 hour x 4)

- You don't need to bring anything except a coffee!

- Needles, pattern and yarn will be included in the course price (if you want to upgrade to some really sumptuous yarn we can do that)

- You don't need to know how to knit with double pointed needles or in the round

- The only rule is that you MUST choose some yarn with colour (no black/grey)

- Entire cost of course is $65 + tax

- you MUST pay to register

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Stitch n Bitch Hoodie Kit SALE

Stitch n Bitch Hoodie Kit - 25% off, only 1 left! (pattern not included since you've already got the book!)
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