Thursday, March 31, 2005

We have no DENISE needles

Sorry Folks,

we are temporarily out of DENISE Needle Sets. These amazing knitting needle sets are great and therefore very popular, but unfortunately they are back-ordered by the manufacturer (they are waiting for the cases to arrive) by 4 to 6 weeks.

We've got an order in, but if you want us to reserve you a set please e-mail us at and we'll put you on the waiting list and let you know when you can pick them up. The sets cost approx $65 to $70, depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.


Upcoming Classes

Beginner Knitting: Tuesday April 5th & 12th, 6:30-8pm
materials included, $45 + tax

Private Classes
are resuming the week of the 19th!
Tuesdays & Fridays from 12pm to 3pm, $15 per hour, by appointment only

Book an appointment for a private, uninterrupted session with an experienced knitting instructor. Take a beginner lesson, learn how to make cables or brush up on your seaming - it's up to you.

to make an appointment please contact the store by e-mail at or call during store hours (speak to a person) 416-653-7849

The new VK is in! Posted by Hello

Tofu-rella! This pretty ruffled top is made from Soth West Trading Company's soy silk called PHEONIX, and yup, we got it! check out this progressive company's website for FREE patterns: Posted by Hello

Super tank! we've got what it takes to make this pretty shell, Kertzer/Butterfly SUPER 10 cotton. this cotton is so amazing, it comes in about 120 colours and is totally machine washable and still holds its shape (not a trait usually attributed to cotton). if you're gonna makesomething, mage it well & make it to last, right? Posted by Hello

Got what it takes ... Pattern from Spring's Vogue Knitting, calls for Needful Yarns/Lana Gatto WOOL GATTO. I love the art nouveau style of this one, can definitely see it as a home furnishing, like a special tapestry style pillow for the living room! Posted by Hello

We've got what it takes ... Lana Gatto MOHAIR ROYAL (off topic, but this is also an excellent sub for Rowan Kid Silk Gaze and ten buck cheaper!) and WOOL GATTO (another of my favorites, I'm crocheting a skirt from this for fall). From Spring's Vogue Knitting Magazine. Posted by Hello

lacy scarves ... we've got the yarn called for 2 of these from the recent vogue knitting ... the blue is in KOIGU KPM and the Leafy one is in Needful/Lana Gatto MOHAIR ROYAL & Lana Gatto WOOL GATTO Posted by Hello

we've got the yarn for this one from the recent vogue ... cascade fixation.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

new book from Interweave has arrived - how to dye sock yarn!!! coolio! Posted by Hello

the new issue of READYMADE has arrived! Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Lessons in Hand Painted yarns

last night my brother complained about the lack of non-store related stuff on the site (i usually try to avoid subjecting you to my guerrilla photography and writing) and serendipitously i ran into a bit of a snag in the scarf i'm knitting so i figured i'll post it for all.

the project: men's scarf

the yarn: 2 skeins Manos Del Uruguay mix (brown/grey/black)

the needles: 10mm

the stitch pattern: herringbone.

R1: *K2 sts together through the back of the loops, but only release one stitch, keeping the other one on the left needle; repeat from* to end to last st, K1 through the back of the loop.

*P2 sts together, but only release one stitch, keeping the other one on the left needle; repeat from* to end to last st, P1.

repeat these 2 rows. (Cast on 30 sts)

The problem:
take note of the difference in the patterning of the yarn between the top and bottom parts. the first skein knitted up totally randomly and the second was utterly symmetrical, a visual juxtaposition on a grand scale. what were the chances? chaos/control, chaos/control. Regardless, I broke the cardinal rule of working with hand-painted yarns;
always alternate your skeins every other row. It isn't hard, you just bring the yarn your are going to switch to up from the front, thereby carrying the other strand up the back.

I guess I was lazy or just didn't think about it. Hubris is what it was. Now, normally i'd allow God's ironic phenomena to work it's magic through my hands. But the scarf is for my Dad who doesn't really get that kind of a joke or see the beauty of the manifestation of the random intelligence of the universe. So i've ripped the scarf back and i'm doing it the right way, working with 2 skeins at a time, alternating them. so far the texture is nicer than berfore, the colours are consistent and the edges are cleaner too.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Summer's Needful Deal

Summer has arrived at Needful Yarns in the form of crates & crates of yarn - I was there, I saw the gorgeousness in all its glory. The yarn is on it's way and the new summer book is here, 14 patterns for $10 (40% off the usual price).

So here's the "Knitomatic loves Needful" Spring Deal: pre-order the Needful yarn for any top, capelet, poncho, tunic or dress and receive 15% off the regular retail price. You can peruse the New Book or take a peek at earlier patterns online.

Above is my favorite of the year, a tunic in ATON from Needful. ATON is a synthetic suede, very soft & easy to handle with depth of colour. me likey! Posted by Hello

Iside - new from Needful Yarns

Aran shell in Iside, a soft linen blend from needful. Posted by Hello

Elba - new yarn from Needful Yarns

Capelet in Elba from Needful Yarns. This yarn is so yummy, it's a fine ribbonthat comes in the prettiest colours. I could do a slinky dress from this stuff too! :-)
Posted by Hello

ATON - new from Needful

Jacket in Needful Aton - rumoured to have it's origins in the design studio of Dolce & Gabanna. Posted by Hello

PORTOFINO - lacy top

lacy top - i'd love to make this as a tunic or a dress to wear over a vintage slip! Posted by Hello

KIM - bo-ho cap

bohemian cap in Kim Posted by Hello

KELLY - Casual Pullover

A fab pullover in KELLY Posted by Hello

KELLY - dress

A super fab sun-dress knit sideways in KELLY. you can do this in a solid colour in KIM. Posted by Hello

KELLY - sexy tank & hat

A very sexy tank & hat in KELLY. You can also do this in solid colours with KIM. Posted by Hello

KELLY - Lace Shell

a lace shell in KELLY: you can also switch this for a solid colour and make it with KIM. Posted by Hello

KELLY - Colours

This year's colour selection for Filtes King KELLY from Needful Yarns - KELLY is interchangeable with KIM.

4.5 to 5mm needles, 50g/98m, 55% cotton & 45% acrylic, a soft chainette yarn, easy to knit, with a long colourway (makes stripes), $6/ball
. Posted by Hello

KIM - twin set

A classic twin set in KIM (tee-hee! its a Kim set!). Easily switch up the yarn for KELLY for more colour. Posted by Hello

KIM - Puccini jacket

Puccini Jacket in Kim. Even if you're not inclined to make the dress, wouldn't this jacket be amazin with a tank & pair of Jeans!? Posted by Hello

KIM - Puccini Dress Suit

Puccini Suit in KIM - pattern is written for ALL sizes. Posted by Hello

KIM - Colours

This year's colour selection for Filtes King KIM from Needful yarns - KIM interchangeable with KELLY.

4.5 to 5mm needles, 50g/98m, 55% cotton & 45% acrylic, a soft chainette yarn, easy to knit with, $5/ball
.Posted by Hello

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