Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Shipment of Studioloo Arrived!

FY Fibre Enjoyment: A big new Shipment of Studioloo hand spun art yarns came in this afternoon!

New Yarn! ManSpun!




An exciting new exclusive to Knit-O-Matic, we now have Manspun hand spun yarns! Each skein is unique and handspun in Mississauga Ontario. One Skein makes a hat (pattern forthcoming, I'm working on it) and 2 skeins makes a scarf. Prices vary from $21 to $28 per skein, (but most are in the $23 to $26 range) and the yarns mare made with a base of soft merino wool.

Friday, November 21, 2008

NEW SALE: Misti Suri & Silk Handpainted

SALE! Misti Suri & Silk Handpainted $18.80/25% off
regularly $25.10
80% Baby Suri Alpaca (very soft stuff!), 20% Silk
◆ 100g/200m
4ply, DK weight
6sts = 1" on 4mm needles
80% Baby Suri Alpaca (the very soft stuff!), 20% Silk
Just One Skein makes a hat, mitts or a pair of socks!

Colours Available:
SP13 SP11
SP11 Shadow, SP13 Seattle


SP23 Miriam

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday Shopping Deals

Holiday Gift Deals!

Felt Forward: Modern Designs in Knitted Felt

Felt Forward by Maggie Pace $14
  • (reg $23.95, $17.61 on
  • Beautiful projects for knitting & felting!

Knit Knack Kit by Kris Percival $10
  • (reg. $26.95, 16.98 on
  • A very cute kit for beginner, intermediate and dilettante knitters.

Knit.101: The Indispensable Self-Help Guide to Knitting and Crochet

Knit 101 by Knit.1 Magazine $5
  • (reg. $23.95, $17.48 on
  • Great for teens! lots of legwarmer patterns!

Dyer's Companion by Dagmar Klos $10

  • (reg. $27.95, $17.61 on
  • The best technical guide for dying yarn

Felt It!: 20 Fun and Fabulous Projects to Knit and Felt

Felt It by Maggie Pace $11

  • (reg. $24.95, $16 on
  • Lots of cute projects to knit 7 felt.

Felt Frenzy by Shannon Okey $14

  • (reg. $27.95, $17.63 on
  • Fun projects for the crafty, all kinds of felting from knitting, wet felting, needle felting, recycled sweaters

The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters: A Knit-to-Fit Workshop

Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters by Lynne Vogel $14

  • (reg. $27.95, $20.13 on
  • Simple shapes & artsy style for special yarns, especially hand dyed. Also instructions of how to make a sweater fit your measurements.

Punk Knits: 26 Hot New Designs for Anarchistic Souls and Independent Spirits

Punk Knits by Share Ross $5
  • (reg. $23.95, $17.48 on
  • For the young and rebellious at heart.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fleece Artist Soft Mitts or Socks Kit

soft mitt
Fleece Artist Soft Mitts or Socks Kit
◆ 75 grams Mo
75 grams Blue Face DK
pattern for mitts and socks
suggested needle size: 5mm (not included)
◆ $29

Fleece Artist Thrum Mitten Kit

Fleece Artist Thrum Mitten Kit
125 grams Blue Face Aran
60 grams Merino Sliver
◆ Pattern
suggested needle size: 3.5 mm (not included in kit)

NEW Fleece Artist/ Perl Grey Min Kim Baby Sweater Kit

NEW Fleece Artist/ Perl Grey Min Kim Baby Sweater Kit

: a kimono style sweater for children knit in one piece
: 1 to 2 years, Body width 10/11.5”, cuff to cuff 22.5/26”, length 11.5/13”
: 5 mm straight,10 st markers [clip style]

: stocking stitch
: 4.25 sts/6 rows per inch
: 200g/350m Lanica by Fleece Artist, 100% organic wool (very soft!)

: Yarn & Pattern = $57

Colours: natural, plant dyed

NEW Fleece Artist BLF Socks

NEW Fleece Artist BLF Socks
(blue faced leicester, it's a type of sheep)

80% Blue Face Leicester, 20% Nylon, 325m/115g
2.5mm needle, 27sts/4"
machine washable
◆ Shown in Fleur

◆ a hearty sock yarn, wears well

NEW Fleece Artist Somoko Sock Yarn

NEW Fleece Artist Somoko Sock Yarn

● 65% Merino, 20% Kid, 10% Nylon, 5 % Silk
● 3 mm needle, 26st/4"
● 350m/115g
, shown in peacock
● very soft, slightly fuzzy texture, snuggly
● free pattern for Cherry Swirl Socks
$24.50 each

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SALE - SWTC Tofutsies Sock Yarn $13.50

SWTC Tofutsies are on Sale for 25% off/$13.50 each! 1 ball makes a pair of socks for men or women, 2 balls makes a pair of knee socks. Tofutsies are made from 50% superwash wool, 25% soysilk, 22.5% cotton, 2.5% chitin (comes from crab shells, has antibacterial qualities). 100g/425m, machine wash & dry, 8sts = 1 inch on 2.5mm needles, very soft!

colours available:
TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn
798, 733, 727

TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn 
803, 802, 801

TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn

805, 725, 724

TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn
848, 806, 736

TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn
797, 804, 800

TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn  TOFUtsies Yarn
809, 807, 808

SALE - Misti Baby Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky $17 (select colours)

The following colours of Misti Alpaca's super soft & pretty Hand Paint Chunky are 25% off/$17 each. 1 skein makes a hat or mitts, 2 make a scarf, 4 make a wrap, 6+ make a sweater and 9+ make a blanket (mmmm, Misti lap blanket).

Lake Country CP06

Lily Pad CP16

Baby Rainbow CP15

Fox Tail CP10

Monday, November 03, 2008

Knit-O-Matic Newsletter

Knit-O-Matic Newsletter
November 2008

November: Getting down to Knitting
been so busy we're not sure how November get here so fast! The holidays
are just around the corner and November marks the start of holiday
knitting season!  We've got lots of small project ideas for knitting
and crocheting for your loved ones  Handmade gifts are also more
ecologically friendly, so you can also give something to the air and
the water and the animals. Speaking of Eco-consciousness, we're moving
further towards our our goal of maximizing our green-ness with new
bags! Finally, we know the financial news has been overwhelming lately,
which is why we are trying to focus our stock on products that are
gentle to the touch and to the wallet.

Coccoon in confidence, we've go you covered!

We Go Greener!

are very excited that our green-ness is taking a big next step forward
this month!  Our love affair with plastic bags is waning. They're made
from petrochemicals (lets not think about how many chemicals are used
to transform crude oil into a flimsy plastic bag), they aren't
bio-degradeable and they go directly into the garbage. We really want
to try and cut back on the disposeable plastics, so we're orienting our
products so you won't have to take one.

Starting this week we are carrying Envirosax
reuseable nylon tote bags. Envirosax are large (19" x 17"), extremely
pretty, light as a feather, fold up into a small packet (4" x 2.5"
1.5"), and best of all are very in-expensive, costing only $8.50. They
are just the right size to keep permanently in your handbag or the
pocket of your coat for unanticipated purchases and are big enough to
carry a full sweater's worth of yarn. Plus, at that price they make
great hostess gifts for the holiday season and you can also give them
to the people on your list who don't appreciate and/or deserve a
hand-made gift.
Our second line of defense is the replacement of
plastic bags with new bio-degradeable, corn-starch based bags. They
aren't a panacea, they are still processed and disposeable, but if you
don't have a tote on you they're still a notch above their oily
If you'd like to find out more ways you can be green check out
One Million Acts of Green.

Holiday Gift Project Ideas sunset beret 
time to start Holiday knitting!  But what to make?  Here are some fast
and easy ideas help fill the void (all links are to, so if
you aren't already a member now is defeintely the time. In the interim
you can enter via our client account: login = knitomatic2, password =

1. Holiday Decorations
can be small and fast and make a sentimental gift that will be used for
years to come. Patterns for little ornaments can be glued to card stock
and given as a card (you can get packages of blank cards with envelopes
at art supply stores).

2. Christmas Stockings
I know it's an obvious one, but babies are born and people marry into
the family and they all need their own Christmas Stocking.

3. Slippers
appreciates a nice pair of slippers!  Plus, in these days of
eco-consciousness and high fuel prices they are a thermostat's best

4. Quick Knit Scarves
it from really thick yarn like Burly Spun or Woolly Bully and you'll be
done in just a few hours (and it only takes 1 skein to make a scarf)!

5. Quick Knit Hats
Hats are great because they're fasty, easy and affordable!

6. Quick Knit Mittens
Mitts take a smidge more time than hats but they look really impressive!

7. Gauntlets & Arm Warmers

8. Quick Knit Shawls, Wraps & Capelets

9. Quick Socks

10. Neck Warmers/Cowls
We've already covered this topic in our blog, so just click HERE to see our ideas!

11. Toys
Toys are small, fast and don't use up much yarn!

12. Sock Monkeys

Events:  Stitch 'n Bitch & Yarn  Swap

The next YARN SWAP will be on November 23rd from 1 to
5pm. Bring in your old, unwanted yarns and we'll find them a good home! You can see all the
upcoming dates and find out more about yarn swaps on our website.
Sunday Stitch 'n Bitch is a success! Sunday is definitely hang-out day
and we love your company, especially as the chilly weather closes in.
We are still offering 3 weekly Stich 'n Bitches: Tuesday from 12-4pm,
Thursday from 5 to 8pm, and Sunday from 1 to 5pm.
Just a
friendly reminder, Stitch 'n Bitch is not teaching time. If you need
help with your project please call us at (416) 653-7849 or to make an appointment. You might only need a few
minutes of help to get you back on track or you may require a
private class/tutorial, which are affordably priced at $10 per hour.

Popular Yarns on the Block
Studioloo Handspun Art Yarn in
The yarns that have been receiving the most attention by our clients ....

1. Cascade Ecological Wool and Eco Plus
keep asking what the hitch is with Cascade Eco Wool, it seems too good
to be true. Well, sorry, it's not. It's a soft, chunky weight yarn (6mm
needles/ 3.5 sts per inch), comes in skeins of 250g/437m and sells for
only $17.75! It is 100% Peruvian Highland wool, just like Cascade 220.
Ecological Wool is undyed and Eco Plus is dyed. It felts like a dream
and you only need a few skeins for a sweater.  the only drawback we've
found so far is the colour selection in the Eco Plus leans to the
bright side, but at that price, who's complaining?!

2. Cadenza Sock Yarn
doesn't have a big brand name but Cadenza is the little Sock Yarn that
could. It is a luxury sock yarn composed of 80% Merino wool (super
soft) and 20% Tussah Silk (even softer), but it only costs $17.50 for
100g skein (which makes 1 pair of socks)! The yarn is a kettle dyed,
semi-solid and comes in a range of colours from jewel tones to more
muted colours. Cadenza makes gorgeous lace socks and is machine
washable so it's also suitable for babies. Similar silk blend sock
yarns sell for $25/skein,

3. Studioloo Handspun Art Yarns
snowflakes, no two Studioloo yarns are alike (except for the 3 little
skeins of hand dyed merino which are alike). All Studioloo yarns are
hand spun by artist Cindy Cole and are individually priced and range
from $12 to $50. 1 skein is usually enough to make a scarf.

Last Month's Popular Yarns
1. Cascade 220 Heathers
2. Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed
3. Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Sock Yarn

New On Sale!

tofutsies sock yarn
Tofutsies $13.50 (reg. $18)

50% superwash wool, 25% soysilk, 22.5% cotton, 2.5% chitin
machine wash & dry
8sts = 1 inch on 2.5mm needles
very soft!

Addi Click Kits: Update

The new and anticipated
Addi Click Kits
were supposed to arrive in mid-October but the distributor has just
sent an update letting us know that Addi is taking a little bit longer
than anticipated to get them to market. They apologize for the delay,
they're just making sure the product quality is impeccable.
We've been taking pre-orders for the
Addi Click Kits and if you want one you're in luck because we still have room for another 6 orders! Contact us at or 416-653-7849 to reserve yours.

New Books, Magazines & DVDs!

November Classes
you would like to learn something that is not on our
schedule or has already been offered we can always book a
private tutorial: finishing, thrummed mittens, tunisian crochet, hairpin lace, entre-lac, fair isle, lace,
needle felting, design principles, kool-aid dyeing or even your own
project group! Just contact us at 416-653-7849 or

My First Toe-Up Sock

Tuesday Nov 4 & 11,


Socks seem hard, but
they don't have to be. While you make your sock, you'll follow a pattern, use
double pointed needles, increase, decrease and pick up and wrap stitches. You'll
also shape a toe without complicated grafting and turn a professional looking
heel without the usual math. It doesn't get any easier!   You must know how to
knit, purl, cast-on & off for this class.


Class consists of 2 sessions over 2 weeks


$80 + tax (includes materials)

Knit Mitten Workshop 

Monday Nov 10 & 17,


The next step after making hats is making mitts! Mitts are a lot like hats:
fast, easy, satisfying, inexpensive, and they make great gifts! We'll teach you
how to knit in the round, on double pointed needles, (the ones that look like
little chop sticks), decrease stitches, increase stitches, pick-up stitches and
read a pattern. Knowing how to cast on and knit is the only requisite.


Consists of 2 sessions
over 2 weeks.


$55 + tax (includes materials)


receive an $11 discount if you take the hat class

Beginner Knitting

Tuesday Nov 18 & 25,


You'll learn all the
basics: how to knit, purl, put stitches on your needle (cast on), finish up
(cast off), change yarn in the middle of your project, weave in your ends, and
how to read the information that comes on a ball of yarn.  You should be able to
make a scarf in this class (but you have to do your homework, so get ready to
spend a few hours of down time working on your 'assignment' in front of the TV).

· Class consists of 2 sessions over 2 weeks

· $55 + tax (includes materials).

Knitted Hat Workshop  

Monday Nov 24 & Dec

The next step after making scarves is making hats! Hats are fast, easy, are
very, very satisfying! We'll teach you how to knit in the round (on those funny
looking Siamese twin needles), knit on double pointed needles (the ones that
look like little chop sticks), decrease stitches and read a pattern. Knowing how
to cast on and knit is the only requisite.

Consists of 2 sessions
over 2 weeks.

· $65 + tax (includes materials)


Tuesday Dec 2 & 9,

Feel like making glove? If you're ready for the challenge, this is a very
satisfying experience. Learn how to manipulate double pointed needles like a pro
as you turn wrists, fingers and thumbs. When you're done, you may just need a


Class consists of 2 sessions over 2 weeks


$75 + tax (includes materials)

Contact Information
phone: (416) 653-7849

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