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Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 12:58:24 -0800
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Subject: information on Japanese knitting books

Hello Haley,

I'm Noriko, you left message about Keito-dama on my blog
Since I don't know where you should contact with, I'll just list some
URLs. I hope some of them are useful for you.

Keito-dama's website is here: ,

the latest issue is here:

Keito-dama is published by Nihon Vogue-Sha Company, and their website
seems like this one (in Japanese):

You can find their contacts here:

It says the listed tel / fax / e-mail address are for the department
of personnel/general affairs and its only contact info on their
website. They don't have a great website, I must say...

There are "publication order center" phone & fax numbers on the back
of the Keito-dama magazines, if you have them with you. It is on the
left side of the pictures of the models. My latest copy of Keito-dama
is 2002 spring so it might has changed, phone number is 0424-39-7077
and the fax# is 0424-39-7877. Both are Japanese numbers.

I couldn't find any English website of these.

I thought maybe you should try Japanese bookstores in Toronto to see
if they do wholesale...? I live in the U.S. and usually go to Japanese
bookstores to buy Japanese knitting books.

I found one Japanese bookstore in Toronto, the name of
the store is "Book Net". Their address is 199 Augsta Ave Toronto, ON,
phone# is (416) 921-1328. They open Mon-Sat 11:00-19:00, Sun

My friends used to lived in Toronto and I had visited them once. It
was beautiful city, I'd like to visit there again!

Best Regards,

Noriko Ikuta

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