Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New Spring Yarn: Noro Furin

Pattern above is "Amy" from Jane Ellison Noro #9 (Noro for Kids)

Noro Furin
Yay! A new Noro yarn for spring & summer! Furin is kind of like Noro Silk garden, except it's a summer yarn with a base of cotton. There is a binding thread wrapped around the strand to keep the single ply of cotton in place but never fear, it's pretty my dear! The yarn knits up fast and easily and looks great in a variety of stitches (stockingette, moss, garter, etc). I just started working on something for the store in it this weekend, more on that to follow.

  • 52% Cotton, 17% silk, 17% wool, 9% rayon, 5% nylon
  • 50g/110m
  • 16 sts & 22rows = 4"/10cm
  • 5mm to 6mm needles

Color #4 - Lime, Coral, Lilac

Color #1 - Greens, Grey, Brown

Color #10 - Purples, Blues, Greens

Color #11 - Coral, Greens, Turquoise

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