Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New Book: Knitwear Design Workshop by...

 Knitwear Design Workshop: A Comprehensive Gide to Handknits,  by Shirley Paden $47.95
WOW! This is the book knitters interested in design have been waiting for. They say that this book is a comprehensive guide, and they aren't kidding! It's a text book on how to design knitwear for hand-knitting and it goes into every detail!
  • how to choose the right yarn
  • how to make sleeves and sleeve caps that fit, how to design single tapered, double tapered and reverse tapered garments
  • how to best use a stitch pattern
  • how to modify commercial pattern instructions for your perfect garment
  • how to improve your attention to detail with a swatch
  • body and garment measurements
The  book is broken down into chapter on planning your design, selecting the yarn, making a classic pullover, alternate pullovers, cardigans, skirts & dresses, alternate armhole shaping, sleeves & cuffs, necklines, neckbands, collars and lapels, finishing techniques, and a final chapter with 4 projects by the author.  The appendix includes a design process checklist, CYCA measurement charts, shaping formula variations, and a bibliography. 

All of the math you need to know is outlined clearly and easily, techniques are illustrated clearly, tips are highlighted. The instructions are clear and are broken down into easy to follow steps that are illustrated (where appropriate) with charts, tables, and any other form of guidance you could possibly need. The only thing missing is the author standing over your shoulder, observing your progress!

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