Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Yarns from Abuelita! And Some Frills Too!

Abuelita Thick & Thin is a deliciously soft, textured yarn.  It has all of the interesting texture of Malabrigo Gruesa and Aquarella, but also has the soft, squishiness of Malabrigo Worsted.  It also comes in some super pretty colours, hand painted, blended heathers and solid dyes.

First off, does this yarn have the funniest name ever? I think something was lost in translation (reminds me of cafeteria mystery meat) because there is nothing untoward about this sublime blend of Merino Wool and Silk. It is a soft, squishy single ply - so visualize a texture similar to Malabrigo Worsted with the tension of Malabrigo Chunky. It also fills in the colour gaps left by Malabrigo Chunky, including black, heathered greys, variegated greys, and solid colours for men.
  • 100g/125m
  • 6mm to 8mm needles
  • perfect for anything close to your skin or toys
  • great for projects for men!
  • eco and animal friendly

Abuelita Worsted is a super soft, single ply merino wool. It is squishy and adorable, very similar to Malabrigo Worsted and Manos Maxima. It has lots and lots of yardage, and comes in hand painted colours, blended heathers and solid dyes (especially an assortment of greys that are missing from the Malabrigo spectrum!). It's a pleasure to knit with and to wear!

This season we are also carrying a selection of Estelle Frill Seeker and Frill Seeker Precious Metal! One skein makes a very fancy, very frilly scarf. Frill Seeker is a great yarn for people who want instant gratification and BIG effect. It is also very easy to make the scarf, you only needle to know the knit stitch!

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