Friday, April 01, 2011

New Colours of Noro Taiyo!

New colours of Noro Taiyo came in this week, and they look great!  This bunch is for the most part more muted. As always with Noro, you really have to come in and check out the colours for yourself, the computer monintor never does them justice, and you never know what kind of goodies are lurking at the centre of the ball. 
  • 21:  Orange, Russet, Blue, Grey. It's dark & moody like THIS
  • 23:  Blue, Turquoise, Lime, Orange. Maritime blues like THIS
  • 24: Blue, Green, Yellow, Burgundy. Autumnal and muted.
  • 29: Pink, Fuschia, Purple, Orange, Brown. Warm and comforting, like THIS
  • 30: Purple, Teal, Black, Cream.Pretty and surprising, little like THIS
  • 31:  Red, Lime, Orange, Pink. It is bright & stripy like THIS
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